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My aim is to empower and heal people while bringing them back in harmony with nature.


In these busy, modern times it is easy to feel lost, powerless and displaced, uncertain of our role in this world or unable to find a sense of happiness and direction.

So I offer a Tour to New Zealand for Men looking to find a powerful sense of their own unique masculinity a chance to reconnect with nature and the primal drive inside themselves at a profound level.

Here in London I hold weekly Men's Groups to create a space for men to benefit from the transformational healing of Men sharing at a deeper level. Here we learn to trust in other men and ourselves, while making commitments to live our lives on a more conscious level true to the values of honesty, integrity, responsibility and accountability. We support each other in taking back ownership of our lives and waking up to a mindful existence.

I also offer Shamanic healing sessions on a one to one basis in London for those out there seeking a connection to an older sense of spirituality, one connected to the seasons, nature, animals, plants and our ancestors.

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