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Robert Bly in his book 'Iron John' talked of a part of us that is wild, like nature, untamed, powerful, raw and alive. This adventure is built to help you get back in touch with that all powerful part of yourself, the part that howls at the moon and braves the darkness of the woods. The part that embraces life with all its being with every breath.

The 18 days we spend together are the ultimate spiritual journey for reconnecting to yourself and to nature. 

Everyday you will be blown away by the epic scenery and landscapes that New Zealand has to offer. 


During the day this is a physically challenging adventure walking through dense sub-tropical forest in the Northlands to find hidden, remote waterfalls, climbing sacred Mountains in Taranaki, sea-kayaking to the awe inspiring cathedral cove on the Corommandel peninsula and delving deep into underground caves and subterranean rivers of Waitomo.

In the evening the group will be led through deep spiritual work and personal development, facing your shadow, building bonds with the group, embracing both your sacred feminine and sacred masculine, calling in the spirits of the land, the gods and goddesses of New Zealand, their myths and legends, experience the ancient Maori healing of Romi-romi and Miri-miri.

Interested? Then get in touch for the full itinerary.


"All I can advise anyone even thinking about it, is stop thinking and just do it. It will be one of the most important things you could gift yourself." Arjenn


"You will face your shadows and rejoice in your light while building a bond of brotherhood with your fellow wild men."

To be part of this transformational journey  ALL you need IS an adventurous spirit, a good level of fitness through the days and an openness to our spirit work in the evenings.


Tour groups are maintained at low numbers, MAXIMUM 8 to help create a deep bond between the PARTICIPANTS.



Please note this is a dry tour: no drinking, smoking or drugs. Note the fee does NOT include flights to and from New Zealand, personal travel insurance, airport tax or personal spending. We will advise on suitable flights.



"To write about the Wildman journey is a hard one as it's so varied and multifaceted and keeps on giving. The slogan version is - JUST DO IT. The summary version is - GO with an open mind / heart, GIVE in completely to the experience, COME out with a new VISION. To me the Wildman journey was an important part in my ongoing journey. Meeting my fellow travel mates was a gift. I went in with little expectation except to try and experience everything with as much awareness as possible. How do I put in words as the different opportunities that Leandro had provided me?? Was it easy, NO and I am glad for it. It was the challenging moments that helped me see myself and areas that needed seeing and working with. I could go on an on but it would just be my take on something so big, fluid and variable that it is not repeatable….. All I can advise anyone even thinking about it, is stop thinking and just do it. It will be one of the most important things you could gift yourself. Light and love,"


Born and raised in New Zealand, surrounded by the ancient and inspiring beauty that is Tongariro National Park, Leandro shares his core Shamanic teachings in a form that is respectful of all practitioners and cultures; taking a universal approach that is strongly influenced by the work of Michael Harner. Leandro leads our New Zealand tours drawing on his expertise as a scout, shamanic practitioner, chef, men's group facilitator and wilderness guide. Leandro works with Michele Lukis as a Shamanic Practitioner in London offering one on one healings and holding monthly Andean Circles where he teaches shamanic principles. He also runs weekly men’s groups for personal empowerment and leads shamanic walks of consciousness through the woodlands of the UK.


Apprenticed in Peruvian Shamanism to Maestro of San Pedro, Rueben Orellana (PhD), Leandro has been working with traditional medicine plants, such as Ayahuasca in the Amazon and San Pedro in the high country of Peru. He studies Core Shamanism with Simon Buxton of The Sacred Trust. Leandro’s work is based in a strong belief that we are all connected and therefore we should all show love and respect to one another. His efforts for the future are to bring men back in touch with nature and to fully realise themselves as conscious men.

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