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Future dates: 

"Felt like years of psychotherapy in one evening. ”  

Our 2021 dates are as follows:


July 23rd-25th , August 13th-15th,

September 17th-19th, October 15th-17th, November 12th-14th

“Healing, nurturing, just what I needed. Leandro, Anna and Michele are very supportive and sensitive in their guidance, felt like no pressure. The food was delicious and the environment was very soothing, a lovely house, felt very safe. ”


“Incredible! I’ve been on three retreats now. The prep work and integration was amazing as always. I really cannot thank you all enough for the incredibly powerful healing work that you do. You have helped me so much on my healing journey and I know I will continue to work with you long into the future. I feel lighter and happier thank I’ve ever been. Thank you so much. ”


“Leandro organised the most beautiful weekend for us; the ceremonies, the care, the trip was brilliant. The food was cooked with love and care, the venue was brilliant and the logistics spotless. Thank you so much for your guidance.”



On this weekend long retreat, we meet you in Groningen, Netherlands and take you to our hand-picked retreat location in Norg, a beautiful countryside town surrounded by the oldest woodlands in Holland.

On the group retreats you will be staying together in a large 16th century converted dutch barn, re-modelled from local wind fallen trees, sharing twin single rooms, between two of you, each room with their own ensuite.

The group is kept intimate, with no more than fourteen participants, this ensures we can give you all the attention that you will need.

Throughout your stay you will be taken care of by three facilitators; Leandro D'Andrea shamanic practitioner and professional chef, holding space, introducing you to Psilocybin and cooking beautiful meals, Michele Costa Lukis psychotherapist of over twenty five years experience who is on hand for one to one discussion, to help facilitate the ceremony and to run the integration and processing circle on the Sunday morning and Anna Lukis experienced facilitator, care giver, yoga teacher and soundscape designer.

Typically you will be greeted with a three course meal, followed by a talk on Psilocybin and a welcoming ceremony to build trust within the group and get to know each other, the following day comprises of a discussion on setting intentions (an important part of working with plant medicines) time to relax and walk in nature or discuss your intentions with myself, Anna or Michele before gathering for the psilocybin ceremony, we take the medicine together and everyone is supplied with their own mini-mattress and eye mask, there is an accompanying soundtrack that follows the peaks and flow of the medicine. Each persons experience is unique and after the ceremony is finished we eat a light meal together and allow time for individual processing and rest.

On the final morning we begin the day with a leisurely breakfast before the group gathers together to be lead in processing and integration work with our psychotherapist, past participants have all found the group processing and integrating to be a powerful, helpful and transformative part of the experience helping them to find the learning in their experience and to clarify steps they can take to bring that learning and healing back into their day to day lives.

At the end of the day we escort the group back to Groningen. Further processing and integration sessions are available upon request.

“I was in a state of real struggle and my experience in Amsterdam has been life-changing. The ceremony was held with so much love and although I was with a group of complete strangers I felt and still feel part of a big family. I felt very safe in this sacred circle. My experience was about releasing, with tears, with laughter and I feel forever changed by the divine connection I experienced there. I reconnected to my heart and shifted from an angry, arrogant being to a vulnerable and gentle me which I absolutely love being. Michele and Leandro are exceptional at what they do, very humble in service and always leave you with so much love. The accommodation and food were great, very healthy and soulful. What a gift. I never worked with psilocybin before, I would certainly want to do it again with them. Thank you both for what you give.”

“Without any expectations but with full trust and guidance I was allowed to undertake something wonderful that felt like being reborn.” Anonymous


This retreat is limited to 14 places.

All accommodation is shared between 2 – 3 people 




“A wonderful weekend. I felt so supported. Thank you for the healing, your wise words, the amazing food, great company and wonderful medicine. I will definitely be coming back for more self-exploration."


Please note the fee does NOT include travel to and from The Netherlands, travel insurance, airport tax or personal spending.


Healing, self-transformation, expanded consciousness and self-development are all possible outcomes of working with Psilocybin in an appropriate setting with a well-focused intention. Psilocybin opens you up to communicating with nature, unleashing your creativity, delving into your shadow and connecting with Spirit. It is possible for individuals to experience visions in addition to lasting effects on depression and anxiety.

Personally my journey began when one of the men in our weekly men's group who had been living with depression for many years had read the studies done at the Imperial College in London and asked if I would hold space for him while he was with the medicine, both our experiences were so transformative that I immediately sought to offer this for a larger group of people to share this powerful medicine.

After years of not being able to see any possibility of change his experience with Psilocybin had opened him up to see different perspectives and possibilities and ways of being and thinking. He stepped out of the labyrinth and saw it from above.

Psilocybin is found in many different fungal spores including mushrooms and truffles. We will be working with the truffles Psilocybe Tampelandia which are legal in Holland and have a powerful hallucinatory effect, bringing you in close contact with spirit. The dose for each individual is determined by the healer as directed by spirit. Psyilocybin is not neurotoxic or addictive and has been proven to have a low risk to the user.

“The psilocybin weekend was a profound and extremely healing experience. If anyone wants to expand their consciousness and explore the dark and light in a safe and wholehearted environment with the inspirational guidance and protection of great healers; this is for you. Beautiful people; a beautiful experience. I highly recommend it.”

“A wonderful, positive experience. The cooking was excellent and the facilitation was safe and felt so held. I felt so lucky to be amongst such experienced people. Everything was perfect.”


“The experience from start to finish was enjoyable. Leandro and Michele were there whenever we needed them. The space felt peaceful and them medicine helped me with my intention and more. The circle and sharing was an important part of the event which I got a lot from. ”



To book or for further enquires please contact Leandro at



If you are unable to attend our group ceremonies or wish to work with psilocybin in a more private manner, we offer one on one supported and legal ceremonies in The Netherlands working with dates that suit you. Shamanic practitioner Leandro D'Andrea and Psychotherpist Michele Lukis will hold space for you throughout the weekend, preparing you for ceremony with one hour theraputic sessions and shamanic work. If this experience resonates with you please send us a list of dates that suits you.


  • 3 hours of one on one therapy with transpersonal psychotherapist Michele Costa Lukis

  • Healthy vegetarian meals prepared by professional chef Leandro D'Andrea

  • Two nights accommodation in a countryside location a short distance from Amsterdam

  • Taxi from central Amsterdam to your private location

  • Medicine and private ceremony

  • Space held by two highly experienced shamanic practitioners

  • Lead morning practices of yoga, qi gong and meditation

  • Aftercare with one on one processing and integration with transpersonal psychotherapist Michele Costa Lukis




We are also open to working in conjunction with your existing therapist or organising retreats for psychotherapist and psychiatrists with their own existing groups of clients.

To book or for further enquires please contact Leandro at


“Impossible to cover all - incredible and profound. I felt so safe and held in the space which allowed me to completely trust and surrender (not something I naturally do). I realise that this starts a journey I wasn’t expecting and I’m intrigued to see where it takes me. A beautiful, sensual, safe, moving, profound experience. Thank you all xxx”


“Well planned and very cared for. Food was amazing, thank you Leandro! I enjoyed being in a ‘tribe’, being part of the very strong, empathetic, open hearted group, a place where you can be yourself, open and vulnerable with all the support and love you need. Thank you”



“I had an astonishing, intense, sad and beautiful experience. I felt some trepidation at being with the plant, but the atmosphere that Leandro, Michele and Anna created, through both experiences, the ceremony and their energy made it feel both magical and safe. I had an intense reliving of my childhood, from birth, through the loss of my father and the hunger for masculine energy to replace put my life into perspective and helped me to understand the enormity of my divorce and everything I’ve been through. Felt like years of psychotherapy in one evening. ”


“I felt so well held during this retreat, Michele and Leandro consistently showed exquisite care to us all. The setting was just perfect. The group integration work created real warmth. We were very well informed throughout. The music used in the ceremony was delicious and our meals lovingly prepared by Leandro were celebrated symphonies.

The ceremony brought with it incredible release and beautiful heart opening. Each moment stretching out into bliss, even through pain." Rosie

“I am truly grateful to have been able to work with Leandro and Michele on the recent Amsterdam retreat. They created a safe and supportive environment in which to bond with like-minded spiritual individuals, take part in Shamanic and Celtic ceremonies and to do some deep psychological work to address some deep-rooted trauma and challenge some of my rigidly held precepts about myself with the aid of psilocybin.

The psilocybin ceremony was truly enlightening in every sense. I was given insight and clarity into issues that I had struggled with for a lifetime. Michele is a highly skilled psychotherapist as well as Shamanic practitioner and Leandro is a very skilled healer in the Shamanic and Celtic traditions. Each ceremony we took part in was beautiful and meaningful and lovingly held. We had the opportunity to process and integrate our experiences in a circle the day after the ceremonies and I will continue to work with Michele as my psychotherapist to process and integrate what I learned. There is no one I would trust more to do this valuable work with and I would not hesitate to recommend them.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart. ”


“A wonderful weekend full of love, healing and sharing. An invaluable opportunity to take part in a psilocybin medicine ceremony with highly experienced, supportive and safe facilitators. The love, care and attention all three of you shared to us all was incredible. The food was incredible, the setting beautiful and the way in which the ceremony y was held with the music was perfect.
I love your retreats and hope to join you in many more. Thank you for the bottom of my heart. ”


“I was anxious coming on this trip and didn’t quite know what to expect. From the beginning, I was made to feel so comfortable and at ease. Michele, Anna and Leandro are an amazing team. My journey was really great and very enlightening, I would highly recommned it to anyone. ”



“What an amazing group of people! Everyone was welcoming and caring while also allowing space for your own journey. I felt entirely safe and held the entire time. The medicine was difficult for me but I held the belief that this experience was what I needed and now that I’m on the other side of it I feel a sense of peace. The sense of community and connection with the other guests. The food was fantastic! The house is amazing, especially the great room - it was the perfect setting for this journey. The weekend is clearly well thought out and organised. ”


“I would just like to say THANK YOU for the amazing experience that I have been on throughout the psilocybin weekend. The cooking; colourful and textured tastes were an experience in themselves made with love by Leandro to enhance the whole beautiful experience.

Without any expectations but with full trust and guidance I was allowed to undertake something wonderful that felt like being reborn. So many things that I experienced will now be taken and reprocessed to allow me to grow into a more caring, loving person and to appreciate the planet and all upon and within her.

Both Michele and Leandro assisted in the release of so much that I am so grateful for their assistance in aiding my acceptance of life and growing from this process.

The group also needs thanks as without everybody creating their space and allowing their process it would not have been so wonderful.
Thank you. ” Reg

“An overwhelming sense of joy, happiness and love from the psilocybin weekend. It gave me everything I could have wanted personally and more. The organisation, attention to detail and care, the knowledge and loving care both Leandro and Michele give through the weekend and of course the journey! I don’t think there is much more you could do - such a great experience. ”


“Everything was beautiful and supportive. Thank you for giving each of us group and personal time before the experience. It enhanced the trust and comfort for the experience. Thank you for holding the space and coming to each of us when needed, even though I didn’t at times know I needed the help or the energy. ”


"generous and gifted healers, who held and guided me through such profound spiritual experience that I have no words. All this in a wonderful space with beautiful people. Go and see, go and see.”


“This was a beautifully held, yet challenging event for me. I couldn’t fault the safety, support and integrity of all aspects of the workshop. Magnificent.

The medicine was a challenging experience for me, but it was well held to meet that. Thank you for the quality of the facilitation, the great accommodation, the kind group of people. Great love and blessings to you all!”


“A lovely experience from the time we were picked up, so well organised and very relaxing. I felt very at ease, loved and safe – the heartwarming food equally added so much to the experience. To share space with such a lovely, supportive group of people – the connection that was quickly established, the openness, everyone felt safe to express. Thank you so much for your kind and loving words that meant a lot. ”


“The retreat was beautifully organized. Leandro and he couldn’t have worked any harder to ensure everyone got the most out of the experience. I was grateful for Michele and Leandro’s support during the ceremony and their awareness of when I needed help and when I need to be on my own.

I appreciated the practitioner’s honesty about their experiences and the discussion following the ceremony was fascinating as it allowed us to see each other’s inner world.

I enjoyed the space, it was perfect, like a mini Peru. I enjoyed the food and the energy of the group. I enjoyed being given the freedom and lack of constraint on what we could and couldn’t do. Thank you.”


“The entire experience felt very contained and safe. I felt cared for and my needs understood every step of the way. The group was open and accepting which is a testament to the guides and the atmosphere set from the top. I was able to work on the material and emotions that I started in therapy and with Michele on a deeper level. The food was fucking fabulous, the group was supportive and I was able to immediately start relating the medicine and integrating from the instant the ceremony ended. I also enjoyed the space give, as often retreats and workshops can feel very programmed and scheduled from morning to sundown. Whilst there was constant activity, each individual was given space to do what they needed to do in their own time and pace. ”

— Rebecca,

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